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As a regular attendee at a variety of business networking meetings I am used to standing up and trying to encapsulate in 60 seconds or less what Maine Marketing is all about.

It is always tempting, especially when the mornings are dark and the brain is reluctant to engage, to deliver the same well-worn script. While repetition has its value in hammering a message home it risks audience switch off in the networking environment, particularly for regulars.

Recently I was thinking about a fresh approach. I thought about my target market which is predominantly owner managed businesses – typical busy business owners. They often lack the time or resource to create and manage consistent and engaging marketing activity.

Then I tried to distill the service that clients look for from me and boil it down to its bare bones. The standout ‘bones’ are Planning and Content.

Planning, because no campaign succeeds without one and it allows both client and agency to measure progress, returns and evaluate what may need to change or adapt. For the client the often confusing array of options are focussed on those that match their needs, budget and capabilities. Clarity replaces clutter.

Content is then the creative fuel that drives the plan forward and engages with the client’s target market. Content can be advertising design and copy, social media management, websites, sales literature, blogs, direct mail, press releases, case studies and advertorial and is all grist to the Maine Marketing mill.

Essentially the client is hiring a virtual Marketing Director and team delivering output that is professional, creative, practical and business enhancing. All done in close partnership with the client. Outsourcing marketing is at its best when it is there is a shared understanding of the objective and activity to support it, regularly refreshed through regular communication and face to face meetings.

Probably more than 60 seconds worth but then you can at least go and make a cup of coffee and come back to this and it will still be here.

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